2014/2015 We are always open!!

The Tuatapere Hump Ridge Track operates in two “Season” modes. Summer and Winter. A variety of service levels and scheduled transport are available during these seasons. We are of course happy to operate at any time of the year for minimum numbers! Visit Amazing Port Craig in incredible views from Okaka Lodge.

Season Dates Helipack Track Transport
Winter 18th April to 22nd October charter charter
Summer 24 Dec 2010 to 31st  March 2011 Thursday, Friday or by charter daily

Summer season

Lodges fully commissioned with lodge manager on site. Gas cooking and heating, full kitchen equipment, lighting, Licensed bar, Fully stocked shop including Back Country Cuisine meals, Rental sleeping bags, Sleeping bag liners,Upgrade options to private room with linen. You can even do a freedom walk and pay $10 for a hot shower and fresh towel!! how good is that!!.

Fully guided options leave every Friday but all packages can run on demand.

Track Transport is on a daily basis and a quick call to 0800 humpridge or calling into the Office in Tuatapere should provide you with all the information you need.

We can provide charters out of Invercargill or you can use Tripsntramps or tracknet from Te Anau or Queenstown.

RentaDent also do a great deal for rental cars and WILL NOT CHARGE YOU for days you are on the track.  Cant get better than that.

Helicopter Services Thursday, Friday  or by charter. Please call the office for bookings 0800 486774

Winter season

“Winter mode” – yes it is still a great time to tramp and in fact many enjoy the extreme isolation. You do however need to watch the weather!
Helipacking, track transport and “Freedom” options are only available by prior arrangement please check here for details. The lodges are unserviced with no gas, cooking equipment or hot water. Solar Lighting is operational, with running water and toilet facilities available. A Lodge Manager or staff member maybe present. Book the Winter Walk here


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